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Some stories have been published in book form. It turned out to be one of the first successful tie-in marketing campaigns for producer Warner, in which a book was released from a film or TV series.

  • Frank Columbo drives a Peugeot 403 convertible, which is occasionally in the picture. Only 504 of that car were made. Only three of these have been sold in the United States, Columbo says in the episode “Identity Crisis.”
  • Peter Falk, the actor who plays Columbo, had only one eye from the age of three. He replaced his removed eye with an artificial eye. In the series, he therefore sometimes squints or squints.
  • Almost all episodes are the length of a movie, about an hour and a half. Some episodes consist of a double episode.
  • The killers and murders have often been played by actors and actresses who were already known or would later become known, such as Faye Dunnaway (ChinaTown), William Shatner (Star Trak), Martin Landau (his last film was ‘The Last Poker Game’), Leslie Nielson (Naked Gun), Janet Leigh (Psycho) and several others.
  • The mentioned episode:
    • Double Shock – No. 17, S2E8
    • A Friend in Deed – No. 25, S3E8
    • Troubled water – No. 29, S4E4
    • Uneasy Lies the Crown – No. 54, S9E5
    • A Bird in the Hand – No. 61, S10E6
    • It’s All in the Game – No. 62, S10E7
    • Strange bedfellow – No. 65, S10E10
  • You can watch some full episodes in English on Youtube. A few years ago, all episodes were also released on DVD; a DVD box is still available here and there.
  • The infamous Mafia family Colombo has sometimes been incorrectly referred to as Columbo in reports since the detective series