Strategy: Five good reasons to play in position

In the game of poker , both live and online, we know that playing in position is critical to our situs judi online results . Having a position on the rival or on more than one, gives us a wide range of choices that make our game less risky and more likely to obtain benefits.

Obviously there is not only the game in position, but knowing how to select the hands between out position and position helps the player to do a sort of level up in his game. Especially at micro stakes and especially when the table is packed with novice players . This aspect weighs heavily in the economy of the tournament or cash game match.

Today we are going to address five aspects that play in position is really convenient. Let’s see what they are.

Get free cards in preflop

It almost seems obvious, but getting to see one or more cards for free in the game of poker is certainly not a secondary aspect. Let’s say you raised from the button and just call the big blind. On the flop a flush draw opens for us and the big blind checks. Almost perfect situation to play in position.

Among the many options we have available, there is that of “ knocking ” in turn and getting a free card. It is true that the rival also gets a card without spending more chips, but if our project materializes, we have closed an important point by investing the minimum necessary .

Plate control

Be masters of your own destiny and above all have command of the game operations . By playing in position we will always have the last word on every street . If we want to keep the pot low we can decide to check behind , or if we want to value bet we will come out on a bet and the same is true if we are placing the bluff .

All things we could not do if we were out of position . The real advantage of playing in position is just that: being like a kind of conductor . We will play with the board and our cards , but we will use the position to make the best possible decision.

Bluffing works best

As mentioned earlier, bluffing in position is easier to place than starting position at the table . Let’s say you raised in position with a relatively weak hand. After an out position player calls, we have a thousand ways to bring our bluff to fruition.

Above all, the parties are overturned, also taking advantage of the board . Our opponent who on the card has a better hand than ours, depending on the cards that come down is likely to become weak and show such weakness . By being seated in position, it becomes easier for us to hit the target with our bluff.

Calculation of Pot Odds

Acting and playing in position allows you to always have an accurate calculation of pot odds . Let’s take a very practical and easy to understand example for everyone. In preflop we opened from late position and our raise is only called from the small blind. In the post flop latter betta 500 of 1,500 of the plate, bringing the pot precisely to 2 thousand units.

The calculation of pot odds would not be possible, however, if in the same situation we were in early position and with one or more rivals who have yet to speak, after us. So we will risk a call, on a pot that can potentially still grow based on the choices of the players who have yet to act.

Always know the action of the rival

The fifth and final aspect is probably the most important for playing in position. Being the last to act, we will always know what action our opponent has done . Based on his choice, we will decide our actions and it is no small advantage.

This advantage translates into a wide range of choices that obviously we will not have if we were in out position in the hand . For this reason, playing in position reduces our error rate and forces our opponent to take greater risks.

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