The secrets of the professionals to face the poker tournaments

Do you like poker tournaments 1bet2u thai but need to understand how to best approach them ?

When playing multi-table tournaments , poker pros follow guidelines that guide their action .

Here are their main secrets .

Consider the chips in relation to the big blinds

When considering your chip stack , you should never think in absolute numbers , but always and only in relation to the big blinds of the current level .

This is because the stack is a measure of the survival factor in the tournament. Having a million chips when the blinds are 10,000-20,000 is very different from having him in the blinds of 100,000-200,000.

In the first case , our stack is equivalent to 50bb and guarantees us a considerable margin of survival, as well as postflop maneuvering . With a stack of 5bb we are forced to move all-in as soon as possible hoping to double up.

Evaluate your winning expectations based on game volumes

Tournament poker specialists, who aim to support themselves on the proceeds of the game, know that they must ‘massively’ reduce the incidence of variance and achieve the long period that allows the skill to emerge.

It means that in order to be sure to make money, they must play at least a few hundred tournaments a month. For this purpose, they maximize the availability of time with multitabling , i.e. opening and then managing many tables at the same time .

The numbers do not lie , if you do not intend to spend many days ‘multitablare’ on the PC, the best way to face tournaments is only one: do not think about winning but have fun , maybe the stroke of luck will come by itself!

Ponder decisions based on all factors

When making decisions , poker professionals not only evaluate their card, but estimate the possible ranges of the opponents , calculate the pot-odds and weigh factors that go beyond the game at the table, such as the edge that have or not on the field .

When the tournament gets into the final stages , in addition, the professional poker calculations do not weigh more the expectation of winning in chips of the decision (cEV), but the money ($ EV).

Don’t gamble everything in the beginning

There is no poker tournament that can be won in the early game levels . For this reason, professionals tend to approach the initial stages of tournaments in a very calm and calm way , without jeopardizing their survival .

Obviously this is a very general line , which can vary a lot from case to case, especially according to the style of play of the professional.

Steal and assault from the bubble onwards

By the time tournament cash prizes approach , the antes are usually already in play and the preflop deadmoney is already a substantial percentage of the stacks.

In this phase the poker pros begin to widen preflop ranges, both in terms of raises in unopened pots (i.e. when they have to speak after the players who should have spoken first have all folded) and in terms of push in steals .

Indicatively, then, when the stack drops below fifteen big blinds for professionals, decisions become binary: one option is to fold, the other is to all-in .

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