Useful tips for dealing with micro stakes in online poker

The online poker , even in earlier times to the pandemic, has always had an important offer of micro stakes tournaments. That is, all that range of MTTs with small buyins. This particular “section” of the schedule, on the one hand serves to move the steps to newbies and on the other hand serves to start building bankrolls from the bottom .

The history of poker is chock full of ตู้สล็อต players who started playing from the micro stakes , piling up winnings, and then leveling up later . Clearly everyone has their own times to do it, but there are three tips that if adopted at the right time allow you to make the real quantum leap in micro stakes . Three rules to always keep in mind.

Today we will see this trio of principles that are precisely the key factors to face and beat the micro stakes levels.

Hand vs range

In the micro stakes of poker, the first fundamental point is to weight your hand against the opponent’s range . So not range vs range , but hand vs range. Starting from this base, you must find a way to exploit your opponent’s range.

This is the basic concept. If you can make this way of thinking your own and develop a strong critical sense, you will go a long way in microstakes. In each hand you just have to think about how to get the most value , because people at micro stakes don’t think about anything other than the cards they are holding at the moment. So always try to get the most out of your hand.

Be the best teacher of yourself

The third and final point concerns oneself and the ability to learn from time to time. While it is true that talking to other สล็อตออนไลน์ players is important, it is equally true that at the micro-limits you have to become your own teacher . People can teach you a lot but especially if we talk about micro-stakes, the best teacher you can have is you .

Because no process teaches you better than playing, thinking and studying on your own. Others can teach you the concepts, show you the direction and offer you the tools, but, you are the only person who can put it all together . Before asking questions of others, ask yourself the questions and try to answer them . It works. And every time I always repeat this process.

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